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Hong Kong Labware service team provides Certification, Validation, Calibration service, Preventive Maintenance (PM) Inspections, Professional equipment/Lab relocation/Disposal service & necessary services including repairs, spare parts, and consumable parts replacement. We have the capability and trained technicians for our Laboratory products to provide the after-sale service, yearly inspection, and maintenance solutions.

Lab equipment Certification, Validation, Calibration service
Lab equipment Certification, Validation, Calibration service
Lab equipment Certification, Validation, Calibration service

Certification of BSC, PCR and Fumehood

BSC Certification service included

  1. Inflow Velocity

  2. Downflow Velocity

  3. ULPA/HEPA Filter Integrity

  4. Airflow Visualization (Smoke pattern) 

  5. Flowrate adjustment and calibration (if required)

  6. Light intensity

  7. UV Intensity

  8. Certificate 

PCR Certification service included 

  1. Downflow Velocity

  2. ULPA/HEPA Filter Integrity

  3. Airflow Visualization (Smoke pattern)

  4. Light intensity

  5. UV Intensity (if applicable)

  6. Certificate

We offer BSC, Fumehood and Laminar flow testing and validation service.
It comply to NSF 49, EN12469, ASHRAE, EN14175 and other international standard.


Validation, Calibration service

CALIBRATION , simply put, is the standardization of a measuring instrument. It is achieved by a set of operations that relate the values/quantities indicated by the measuring instrument against an accurate traceable standard in order to determine any deviation & correct the same for errors.

VALIDATION , is the process of checking if something satisfies a certain criterion and if an appliance or process works as intended. By validation, one is able to testify that a process or equipment is correct or compliant with set standards or rules.

Calibration of laboratory equipment by Hong Kong Labware

Volume of Liquid
Percentage of CO2 & O2

CO2 incubator


Freezer / Refrigerator





Preventive Maintenance (PM) Inspections

Preventive maintenance is most important in the laboratory

Preventative maintenance is critical to the performance and longevity of your laboratory equipment. The laboratory equipment needs preventative maintenance contracts. Most likely you driving a car without getting routine oil changes would hinder performance and reduce the life of the vehicle. The same is true about operating laboratory equipment without routine preventative maintenance.


Professional equipment/Lab relocation/Disposal service

We provide a professional relocation service for your Lab equipment. A lab move can be stressful. Labware service team support you the Relocation Services handles moving laboratory equipment. Our expertise combines quality and safety. Even when moving a single instrument, we plan with your destination in mind for the smoothest move possible. Our team plan and execute your lab relocation from de-installation to reinstallation. When the move is complete, we can provide the inspection/validation add-on service, to ensure both performances at your destination and peace of mind.

For the disposal service – We can provide on the maintenance, decontamination, removal and disposal of the laboratory equipment. Most importantly, we can do it in the most eco-friendly, and convenient.

More Details About Our Lab Moving Service.


Repairs, spare parts, and consumable parts replacement

We provide aftersales service including repair and consumable parts replacement service (for most of the scientific equipment), and also the trade-in service.

Lab after-sales service
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