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Kimble Chase Life Science and Research Products LLC manufactures reusable, disposable, and specialty laboratory and scientific glassware for pharmaceutical, environmental, petrochemical, life sciences, education, and chromatography markets. The company’s products include adapters, beakers, bottles, burets, caps, closures, centrifuge tubes, chromatography products, color ware, condensers, cylinders, dairy ware, desiccators, distillation products, extraction and filtration products, flasks, funnels, hydrometers, jars, jugs, kits and lab sets, petrochemical apparatus, pipets, safety products, starter packs, stopcocks and valves, stoppers, tissue grinders, tubes, vials, and more. Its products support customers’ needs in sample collection, storage, preparation, analysis, and disposition. The company also offers custom laboratory glassware design and fabrication.

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