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About Tuttnauer

Tuttnauer made with over 95 years of experience. Trusted sterilization and infection control solutions found in hospitals, laboratories & clinics in more than 140 countries. they're constantly asking what their customers want from their products that helps them succeed. They're driven by R&D, an appreciation for high quality manufacturing, and a high level of standards and regulation compliance for the products they want to deliver to their customers. They're on the journey of "better".

Tuttnauer Products

Tuttnauer manufactures sterilization and infection control equipment for medical, industrial and laboratory use. Beyond their unmatched range of autoclaves and washer-disinfectors, they offer complete turnkey solutions, including planning, design and installation of equipment, as well as consultation and feasibility studies for projects of all sizes.

Research & Development

Tuttnauer works on large-scale joint projects with leading universities and research institutes to deliver tomorrow's technologies. This close co-operation with the scientific world allows them to remain at the forefront of their field, developing cutting-edge methods and integrating them into their products.

Tuttnauer's R&D activities are focused bringing the best sterile processing technology to benefit their customers.

Manufacturer of Sterile Processing Solutions

They focus exclusively on high quality products that meet strict international standards, including FDA, ASME, ISO and CE. Their innovative disinfection and sterilization solutions are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility using only top quality stainless steel and reliable non-proprietary replacement parts.

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