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Discover your Trustworthy Lab Analysis Tools - Thermal Constants Analyzers & Micro Compounder


12 Jan 2024

TPS 2500 S & TPS 3500

Thermal Constants Analyzers


Trustworthy tool for testing thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity of most materials types. e.g. solids, liquids, powders, pastes….


  • Handles sub-millimeter-thick bulk samples

  • Thermal conductivity range: 0.005 to 1800W/m/K

  • Meets ISO 22007-2

  • Tackles 10-micrometer-thick slab samples

  • Utilizes Hot Disk’s classic double spiral sensors for maximum accuracy

  • Capable of analyzing both uniaxial andbiaxial materials by using specialized HotStrip sensors

  • Meets ISO 22007-2

Examples of Sensor Type


MC 15 HT

The New Ultra-strong Micro Compounder


Unprecedented mixing, extrusion and upscaling capabilities: the extreme screw torque (40Nm)


  • Small compound volume, high output

  • Continuous monitoring of screw torque

  • Easy & fast cleaning

  • Finer dispersion of particles in higher viscous compounds, filaments, films of improved dimensional stability


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