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Handheld spectrophotometer (Free Demo)


6 Dec 2018

What is Photopette®?

Photopette® is a handheld portable device using Tip Biosystems’s disposable CuveTip™ for photometric analysis, thereby offering independence from laboratory environments.

Photopette® is the first personal photometer of its kind. It offers wireless connectivity to iOS/Android tablets and smart phones, enabling a new convenient workflow without sample transfer steps. This next generation device allows photometric measurement of liquid samples, data analysis and interpretation including real-time wireless sharing of data.

Photopette® supports wavelengths from UV to NIR, offering straightforward solutions for your individual applications. Furthermore, Photopette® is priced at a fraction of conventional UV-Vis Spectrophotometers while still providing the capabilities needed for existing photometric applications.

The key features of this innovation apart from being handheld, portable & affordable include Ultra-Fast Measurements (sec), App Support for Tablets and Smart-Phones (iOS/Android), Data Upload to Cloud Storage or Your LIMS, and Standard or Custom Multiple Wavelengths.

There will be no cross contamination or Sample Transfer Steps. Photopette® can be easily used within Bio Safety cabinets and requires only a small sample volume. It also comes with features like Geo-Tagging, Time Stamp & Visual Capabilities. Please visit for more information

Contact us today to arrange a free demonstration at your location.

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