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Stay Safe during Cold Front & Winter: Protect Your Staff with CareCoatex Antimicrobial Coatings!


17 Oct 2023

CareCoatexTM is a revolutionary brand known for its patented core-shell nano-particles antimicrobial coating technology. We offer the coating service, utilizing this technology to provide additional protection for your working and living area, preventing the spread of Covid-19, flu and other harmful bacteria and viruses, and safeguarding your health.

Innovative in Hong Kong

It is an innovative R&D product from Prof. LI Pei's research team from the HK PolyU and Grand Rise Technology (PolyU InnoHub Startup Company).

Effective & Long-lasting Protection

It can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including Covid-19 and flu. And form a protective coating lasting over 180 days.

Test Reports


Alcohol-, chloride- & heavy metal- formula。It is a planet friendly coating by reuse seafood wastage.

International Awards


Gold Medal - 2021 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions

1st Prize - China Functional Nanomaterials Best Investment Value Award 2021


Environmental Impact Award - Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund/HSBC JUMPSTARTER 2022

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