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Calibrate & Obtain Certification Reports Service

Calibrate & Obtain Certification Reports --For Your Pipettes At Only HK$600 Per Unit!

Calibration Service - How We Do Calibration?

We arrange the calibration according to ISO 8655.

Requirements on environmental and testing conditions on the reference gravimetric procedure.

What is ISO 8655?

ISO 8655 is an international standard for the calibration and testing of piston-operated volumetric apparatus (POVA), including pipettes. It defines specific testing criteria including the maximum permissible error limits, the number of measurements and volumes required, testing procedures, and reporting requirements.

Why do you need our service? 

Advantages of Performing Pipette Calibration

-Improved Accuracy of Volume Transfer

-Accurate Experimental Results

-Extended Lifespan

-Compliance with Quality Management /Experiment Projects Requirements

Service Details:

Turnaround Time: 7-10 working days

Customers are responsible for sending out the pipette, and the return shipment is included in the service fee. For large quantities and expedited calibration service, please contact us for special arrangements.

Arrange Your Pipette Calibration Service NOW: