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Lifesciences Lab Set Up Consultation and Design Service

Why choose us?


Our Consulting Team is comprised of experienced professionals ready to help you start, grow, and run your lab. Expertise from Clean room design and build, Aseptic work flow, Cell Culture room concern to DNA lab design, from GMP to FDA, we have good experience and team that can help


Our team will work with your contractors and instrument manufacturers to design a laboratory with optimal workflow and maximum efficiency. Bulk equipment like BSC, Fridge and incubators will be essential when comes to room design, our team can provide a design and layout that fit in the very precious laboratory space with no compromise in work flow

EQUIPMENT AND TURNKEY We have most of the equipment fit for lifescience and R&D, we know where to put , what you needed, and you can have it all from us. Knowing all equipments and your work flow will help understand your work and need, we are just not a usual traders or buy and sell, we know what you need.

OUR CLIENTS Here is some of the client we worked with and happy with our service and continue work with us in their expansion or new projects. Hope we can help you grow your business too.


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