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892 Professional Rancimat

892 Professional Rancimat

Product Advantages

  • Separate starting of each measuring position directly on the instrument

  • Affordable disposable glass parts

  • Robust conductivity cells

  • Up to 4 instruments can be connected to 1 PC

  • Meets all the requirements of FDA and GLP



Product Details

Product overview: 

The 892 Professional Rancimat, in conjunction with StabNet software, is a modern analytical system for easy
and reliable determination of the oxidation stability of natural oils and fats using the long-established Rancimat method.


On model 892, each measuring position has its own individual start button. Determination can be started very conveniently.
In addition, the integral color display provides an overview of the status of each individual measuring position.
Disposable reaction vessels reduce the cleaning of accessories to a minimum, thereby saving time and cost.


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