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AQUALAB TDL water activity meter

AQUALAB TDL water activity meter

Product Advantages

  • Fast (get readings in 5 minutes or less)
  • Laser sensor for any volatile samples
  • Accurate (+/- 0.005aw)
  • Compact and portable
  • Temperature range : 15°C to 50°C



Product Details

Product overview:

AQUALAB TDL is designed to work for measuring any volatile samples, especially for those interfere with chilled mirror and capacitance sensors, e.g. sauces, dressings, spices, or teas.
AQUALAB TDL uses a laser sensor capable of accurately measuring even the most difficult volatiles. The laser beam—less than one nanometer wide—locks on to water molecules no matter what the concentration of volatiles. The TDL’s laser takes only 5 minutes to make a measurement of most samples. TDL is even able to correctly measure the water activity of pure alcohol.


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