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CDS 6150 Pyroprobe

CDS 6150 Pyroprobe

Product Advantages

DISC technology to simplify sample preparation
Pyrolysis up to 1300°C
Built-in leak check
Windows 10 compatible software
Powerful library


Product Details

CDS 6150 Pyroprobe is the basic model of CDS’s 6th generation Pyroprobe. It is equipped with Drop-In-Sample-Chamber (DISC) technology with easy sample loading and 1.5% RSD. The system connects to any model GC with a heated sample line for easy on/off installation. The 6150 comes with a Multi-Purpose Rail Mount (MPRM) to allow easy mounting of optional accessory modules such as the Autosampler.
The CDS library has 500+ industry standard polymers and 500+ polymer additives. This powerful library helps to address the need to identify unknown compounds from pyrolysis.
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