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CDS 6200 Pyroprobe

CDS 6200 Pyroprobe

Product Advantages

Touch screen interface
 DISC technology to simplify sample preparation
Pyrolysis up to 1300°C
 Analytical Focus Trap with Pre-Heat & Pre-Desorb
 Dynamic headspace option



Product Details

CDS 6200 Pyroprobe includes all 6150 functionalities plus built-in analytical trap which enables the instrument to collect analytes using slow rate pyrolysis, use a reactant gas, or perform thermal desorption on sorbent tubes or larger samples. Unique interface design permits direct pyrolysis path to GC inlet, or heating and transfer to trap, with no interruption of GC pneumatics.
Optional test tube desorber can be used for running dynamic headspace experiments on larger samples.
The CDS library has 500+ industry standard polymers and 500+ polymer additives. This powerful library helps to address the need to identify unknown compounds from pyrolysis.
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