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Clarus SQ8 GC/MS Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer

Clarus SQ8 GC/MS Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer

Product Advantages

  • Widest mass range (1-1200 u)
  • SMARTsourceTM – fewer parts, greater ease
  • Fastest GC oven
  • Long-lasting ClarifiTM detector
  • MarathonTM filament that lasts for years



Product Details

Engineered around an advanced quadrupole mass spectrometer, Clarus® SQ8 GC/MS gives you the widest mass range available in gas chromatography (1-1200 u). SMARTsourceTM requires no tools to remove and disassemble, Switching sources can be done in seconds by simply twisting and pulling. It is the easiest source to access and maintain on the market.
Durable and reliable ClarifiTM detector gives you the flexibility to choose your ideal level of sensitivity and dynamic range, allowing you to adjust the instrument’s performance to suit a particular analysis. The worry-free GC/MS is compatible with virtually all sample introduction systems, including PerkinElmer’s world-class TurboMatrixTM Headspace and Thermal Desorption systems. No matter how many samples you’re running, how tough your matrices, Clarus® SQ8 is ready to meet the unique challenges you face every day.


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