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DIL L74 Optical Dilatometer

DIL L74 Optical Dilatometer

Product Advantages

  • Non contact Expansion measurement
  • High resolution CCD camera
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) Option available
  • Statistical evaluation package available



Product Details

The Optical Research Dilatometer L74 was developed to meet the demanding applications of the glass, ceramics, metal and energy industry.
A high resolution CCD camera enables a visual real time analysis of the sample expansion, either as single frame or as video sequences.
L74 Optical Dilatometer can be used for additional applications such as contact angle determination and heating microscopy.
It is the best choice for irregularly shaped and soft samples.
There is also a special sample holder for measuring rigid foils available, which avoids measurement errors due to pushrod forces like in a classical dilatometer.

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