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STA 8000 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

STA 8000 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

Product Advantages

  • Top loading balance for easy sample loading
  • Gives both DSC and TGA results
  • Patented SaTurnA sensor
  • Temperature range up to 1600℃
  • Optional 45-position autosampler



Product Details

Product overview:

STA 8000 simultaneous thermal analyzer offers ideal solution for quantification of the moisture content and kaolin content, characterization of the mix of hydrate and carbonate products produced from the setting process and  high temperature thermal analysis for fuel cell, ceramics, catalysis applications and challenging academic research.
The small furnace of STA 8000 is capable of operating from 15 to 1600℃. The STA sensor is a double pan differential temperature sensor which is calibrated to generate data for heat flow to the sample with an accuracy of 5% or better. The weight sensor is located remotely below the furnace where it is isolated from sample decomposition products by inert purge through a narrow channel. This provides microgram-level weight change detectability of sample loss or oxidative gain.

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