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Product Advantages

  • High quality characterization for thin films (nm to um range)
  • Optional: Seebeck coeff, electrical resistivity/conductivity/ Hall Constant/ Mobility/ Charge carrier conc.
  • Selection of integrated electrical magnet available
  • Low temp option for controlled cooling down to 100K



Product Details

LINSEIS Thin Film Analyzer is the perfect solution to characterize a broad range of thin film samples in a very comfortable and quick way.
It is an easy to use, single stand alone system that delivers high quality results using an optimized measurement design with proven LINSEIS firmware and software packages.
The big advantage of the TFA is the simultaneous determination of all interesting physical properties within one measurement run at one sample.
The system can also handle a very broad range of different materials. It is possible to measure samples with metallic behavior as well as ceramics or organics.
Therefore, many different deposition methods like PVD, VCD or spin coating are possible to use.
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