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TGA 8000™ Thermograviemtric Analyzer

TGA 8000™ Thermograviemtric Analyzer

Product Advantages

  • Capabilities of Apple® iOS for local control and status monitoring

  • Temperature: -20°C to 1,200°C

  • Express cooling rate

  • 48 positions autosampler

  • Hyphenated technology: working with FT-IR, MS and GC/MS



Product Details

Product overview:

TGA 8000™ thermogravimetric analyzer gives you complete control over your sample environment and delivers high throughput and reliability, even unattended. Plus, it works beautifully with FT-IR, MS, GC/MS, and other systems for better understanding of evolved gases.
TGA 8000’s furnace temperature control system creates a wide effective temperature range – from sub-ambient to 1,200°C. The system delivers heating rates from 0.1 °C to 500 °C/minute to address the widest range of applications, and its low mass and forced-air cooling allow it to cool quickly for fast sample turnaround.
Newly designed 48-position autosampler is the perfect system for single sample autoloading or for overnight multiple sample analysis. This patent-pending autosampler works seamlessly with Accupik accessory used for testing aqueous or volatile samples, as well as with our comprehensive array of hyphenated accessories.

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