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Product Advantages

  • 5-Axes sample stage

  • Wide range of ion sources: Ga, Bin, O2, Cs, Ar, Xe, SF5, C60

  • Temperature control of sample in loadlock

  • Ultra-high imaging resolution with new Bi Nanoprobe

  • Depth profiling capabilities


Product Details

Product overview:

Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) provides detailed elemental and molecular information about surfaces, thin layers, interfaces and 3D analysis of the samples. The flexible, high precision sample manipulator as well as the perfect charge compensation makes the TOF.SIMS5 the most flexible SIMS tool in the market.
The modular design of the TOF.SIMS5 is ideal for customization. In particular due to the horizontal sample concept a large variety of UHV sample preparation chambers can easily be coupled to the instrument. 

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