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TurboMatrix Headspace & Headspace Trap Samplers for GC

TurboMatrix Headspace & Headspace Trap Samplers for GC

Product Advantages

  • Up to 110 vial capacity

  • 12-sample simultaneous thermostatting

  • Color touchscreen for easy operation

  • Virtually fit for any brand GC or GCMS



Product Details

Headspace Gas Chromatography is an unsurpassed technique for applications involving solvent-free extraction of volatile compounds. PerkinElmer’s TurboMatrix HS Trap models feature built-in analyte-trapping technology that provides a potential 100-fold increase in sensitivity. Innovative pressure-balanced time-based sampling of TurboMatrix headspace sampler avoids the use of multiport valves, peak distortion and carryover.
Internal standard can be added automatically to allow the instrument’s response to be standardized for the TurboMatrix HS Trap models. This provides better long-term precision. In addition, column isolation function ensures the GC/MS stability. It allows carrier gas flow into the GC to be maintained during servicing, even when the Headspace unit is turned off.

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