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XGT-7200 X-Ray Analytical Microscope

XGT-7200 X-Ray Analytical Microscope

Product Advantages

  • The world’s smallest probe size: j10µm
  •  Hyperspectral mapping, multipoint analysis and multi-mapping functions available
  • 10 Times increase in count rate
  • Liquid nitrogen (LN2) free



Product Details

XGT-7200 represents a completely new generation of XRF microscope. It makes simultaneous X-ray fluorescence and X-ray transmission imaging possible. Solid, liquid, powder and hydroscopic samples can be analyzed.


Element peaks are automatically located and labelled, and quantitative analysis down to ppm levels can be carried out using the fundamental parameters method (FPM)Thickness calculations can also be made on nm and µm thick multi-layered structures.


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