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Major products:
  • Protective Goggles

  • Respirator

  • Face Mask

About 3M

3M apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily.

"At 3M, we use science to improve lives and help solve the world’s toughest challenges. We remain focused on executing our plans, and continuing to deliver exceptional value for our customers and premium returns for our shareholders.” ——Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mike Roman

From Humble Beginnings to Fortune 500

When 3M began in 1902, their five founders had a simple goal: to mine for corundum, a mineral ideal for making sandpaper and grinding wheels. Turns out, what they thought was corundum was really another low-grade mineral called anorthosite.

Discovering the poor-quality mineral could have caused an early end to 3M fledgling company, but their founders persisted. Why? Because something more important was born that first year: the spirit of innovation and collaboration that forms the foundation of 3M today. So instead of calling it quits, 3M turned to different materials, applied them to other products, gained the trust of important investors and built up sales little by little.

Scientific, technical and marketing innovations produced success upon success over the years, eventually making 3M a constant name on the Fortune 500 list. Today, more than 60,000 3M products are used in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and other industries. One third of 3M sales come from products invented within the past five years, thanks to innovations from the thousands of researchers and scientists they employ around the world.

With corporate operations in 70 countries and sales in 200, 3M are committed to creating the technology and products that advance every company, enhance every home and improve every life.

3M brands

With over 60,000 products in 3M portfolio, 3M brands deliver science-based performance and extraordinary outcomes across almost any industry you can imagine.

3M Technology Platforms

Explore 3M's core technologies to see how their ideas live on, in connection with others, to help solve problems around the world.

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