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CDN Isotopes

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CDN Isotopes

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  • Deuterium Labelled Products

About CDN

The World’s Most Extensive Supply of Deuterated Compounds

• Largest Product Listing • Largest Inventory • Highest Quality • Competitive Prices

Since 1993, C/D/N Isotopes Inc. has provided its customers with superior quality and exceptional service. Researchers in all branches of science and medicine, from around the world, depend on C/D/N Isotopes asthe company for deuterium labelled compounds.

C/D/N Isotopes May 2014 Catalog

CDN Isotopes Product

CDN Isotopes currently have more than 3500 products in stock. 

The majority of the products are manufactured exclusively by C/D/N Isotopes. Over the years, they have developed and expanded their expertise in the preparation of deuterated compounds. CDN Isotopes are continuously adding new products. 

Most new products are the direct result of inquiries from their customers. their extensive Custom Synthesis capabilities allow them to develop the products that their customers need, in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. Their Quality Control ensures that the isotopic enrichment and chemical purity of their products meet the highest standards. There is no better company to meet your needs for deuterated compounds.


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