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High-Throughput Extraction for Oligo Therapeutics

 Oligo Therapeutics Extraction

Clarity® OTX™ was designed with the fast-paced DMPK/ADME environment in mind. A simple, rapid, and reproducible solution that efficiently extracts oligos from biological matrices.

Clarity OTX

By eliminating the need for LLE (liquid-liquid extraction), Clarity OTX delivers a 15-minute extraction procedure, specifically targeting synthetic oligo therapeutics chemistries.

common extraction procedure

Clarity OTX Extraction Procedure
Easy and Rapid SPE Method

You can find more details from the phenomenex Clarity OTX Solid Phase Extraction Overview & Clarity OTX Data Sheet.


HK Labware now is an authorized dealer of PHENOMENEX in Hong Kong and Macau!

To obtain more information or get a quote, please contact us!  如需更多資訊或報價,請聯繫我們!


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