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CDS 4000 Pyroprobe®

CDS 4000 Pyroprobe®

Product Advantages

● Economical single-step pyrolyzer
● Simple needle connection through injection port
● Filament temperature up to 1300°C
● Heating rate up to 20,000°C/second
● USB port to plug and play to PC



Product Details

CDS 4000 Pyroprobe is specifically designed for users that occasionally need pyrolysis to assist their work. The 4000 possesses a direct GC injection port mount feature. Design simplicity makes installation easy and quick; it can be taken on and off any conventional GC in seconds.
Resistively heated element with coiled platinum filament enables variable temperature control. This allow for both fast and slow pyrolysis-heating rates programmable in degrees per millisecond, degrees per second, and degrees per minute.
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