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Duetta Spectrometer

Duetta Spectrometer

Product Advantages

  • 2-in-1 Fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer

  • Millisecond CCD detection of entire fluorescence spectrum

  •  Full 3-D fluorescence EEM acquisition in < 1 sec

  • Molecular fingerprinting with unique A-TEEM Technology

  •  EzSpec Software: Apps at your Fingertips



Product Details

Product overview:
Duetta’s ultra-fast CCD allows it to acquire a full spectrum in less than 100 msec, making Duetta the fastest bench-top fluorometer in the world. Full 3-D fluorescence EEM acquisition can be achieved in less than one second.
Duetta can be used as a fluorometer, as a UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer (up to 1,100nm) to measure absorbance, or as an instrument that measures true molecular fingerprints, which require the acquisition of fluorescence and absorbance, correcting for IFE in real time.
Duetta’s new generation software includes touch-screen utility and a selection of Apps for routine analysis.

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