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Multi Autolab/M204

Multi Autolab/M204

Product Advantages

  • Maximum number of channels: 12

  • Current resolution: 0.0003% of current range

  • Compliance voltage range: 20V

  • Number of current ranges: 8

  • Number of current ranges remarks 10nA to 100mA



Product Details

Product overview: 

The Multi Autolab is a multi channel potentiostat/galvanostat based on the compact Autolab PGSTAT204.
It consists of a Multi Autolab Cabinet which can be fitted with up to 12 M204 modules.
Each M204 is a completely independent poteniostat/galvanostat, allowing you to perform different measurements on each channel at the same time.


The Multi Autolab can be controlled from up to 3 different computers simultaneously, allowing to share the available channels among different users.

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