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Unlock the Power of Analytical Chemistry with Phenomenex Long Life LC & GC!


8 Nov 2023

We are now the Phenomenex authorized dealer in HK and Macau.


Use Rezex for

Carbohydrate, Oligosaccharide & Organic Acid Separations

  • Available in 4 % and 8 % cross-linked sulfonated styrene-divinylbenzene (SDVB)

  • Multiple ionic forms (calcium, sodium, hydrogen, potassium, lead, and silver)

  • USP L17, L19, L22, L34, and L58 packings available.

View Rezex Series LC Colunms


View Zebron Series GC Colunms


(Accessories) Pre-packed Zebron PLUS Liners

Deactivation Protects Your Samples

Zebron PLUS GC inlet liners undergo a unique deactivation process, resulting in a remarkably inert pathway that prevents sample adsorption and degradation for active compounds.

View Zebron Series GC Accessories

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