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Plas Labs 手套箱產品

美國的Plas Labs是壓克力手套箱、厭氧室、氮氣乾燥手套箱、HEPA過濾隔離手套箱的全球領導者。自 1967 年以來,Plas Labs 的手套箱產品系列已在世界各地的研究實驗室中使用。他們的最新型號的厭氧室手套箱整合了二氧化碳、氧氣及溫度控制的密封系統。


Automatic Anaerobic Chamber

“One-Touch / Go Anaerobic” Glove Box

Automatic Anaerobic Chamber

SKU: 857-OTA

This new Automatic “One Touch” Anaerobic Chamber allows one to simply press the “Go Anaerobic” button to automatically create a strict anaerobic atmosphere. It features a color operated “touch screen” for automatically creating an anaerobic atmosphere.

  • No installation.  

  • No additional accessories required.  

  • < 300 Liters of gas required to achieve a strict anaerobic atmosphere.  

Anaerobic Chamber applications

Hypoxia Chamber

Lab CO2 / Vacuum Chambers


Plas Labs, Inc.

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