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Acros Organics

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Chemicals & Reagents

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Acros Organics
Major products:
  • organic

  • inorganic reagents

  • buffer

About Acros Organics The Acros Organics brand is focused on the evolving trends in organic chemistry, supporting research, development and product activities through a range of off-the-shelf products and expertise in sourcing, manufacturing and technology partnerships. As a leading brand of fine chemicals, Acros Organics works to continuously improve by expanding the range of products and services offered in order to meet today's requirements for organic, medicinal, analytical and biological chemistry. AcroSeal Packaging: Drier reagents for longer When using air- and moisture-sensitive solvents and reagents, it is essential that these products are not only as dry as possible when you first use them, but they should remain dry in storage as well. AcroSeal packaging ensures that you have access to high-quality and low-moisture products every use, guaranteeing improved yield and consistency of your research experiments while reducing chemical waste.

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