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About AdipoGen

Adipogen Life Sciences, Inc. (AGLS) is a leading company in the arena of the life science research products market. A highly skilled team of individuals manufactures and distributes internationally under the brand “AdipoGen Life Sciences” specialized and comprehensive product portfolios in fast growing, new and innovative research areas focusing on:

AdipoGen Life Sciences, Inc. (AGLS) consists of two companies, Adipogen SA (Switzerland) (and its branch office Adipogen AG) and Adipogen Corporation (San Diego, USA). The Corporate headquarters is in San Diego, USA and the Operational headquarters is in Liestal, Switzerland. AGLS operates under the brand “AdipoGen Life Sciences” internationally.

Product of AdipoGen Life Sciences

AdipoGen Life Sciences attempts to offer their customers research reagents of highest quality at affordable prices. AdipoGen produces their own kits, antibodies, proteins and small molecules (biochemicals). In addition they source excellent reagents through close collaborations with expert advisors, research institutes and academic laboratories. 

AdipoGen's dedicated scientific team searches daily through scientific publications and attends major conferences to identify and translate new ideas and opportunities into innovative and exciting research reagents. AdipoGen focuses their efforts on specific areas of the life sciences market around Inflammation & Immune Response. These scientific areas include inflammasomes, innate immunity, B & T cells immune regulation, neuroinflammation, obesity, immuno-oncology and COVID-19 research. 

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