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Major products:
  • High Purity Solvents

  • Hight Pruity Acids

  • Karl Fisher Reagents

  • Standard Solutions

About Anaqua

Anaqua™ Chemicals Supply manufactures and markets high-quality chemicals for modern laboratory use, such as academic, industry and quality control laboratories for research.

Based on the development of modern testing instruments, especially UPLC, UHPLC, LCMS, HPLC, GC-MS and GC, Anaqua™ Chemicals Supply is dedicated to offer and service for the higher demands of quality solvents and chemicals for these applications.

Anaqua Mission

Enable the next generation of testing solutions and empower their customers to innovate with confidence

Anaqua Vision

“Quality for Testing, Testing for Quality” - Anaqua supplies high quality chemicals for testing labs, who are testing quality products for our healthy life.

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