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About Manhage

Manhage is a company committed to providing one-stop technical service solutions for scientific research innovation, production quality control, and testing evaluation laboratories. It is a high-tech enterprise in China with dual qualifications accredited by CNAS for ISO17034 standard material producers and ISO17043 proficiency testing providers.

About BePure®

BePure® is a registered trademark of Manhage's standard materials, with its own research and development laboratories in Beijing, China, and Philadelphia, USA. It has a 2600 square meter production base in Changzhou, Jiangsu, focusing on building a standardized material full industry chain platform that includes core raw materials, innovation research and development, and sales services, providing 200,000 kinds of standard materials and consumables. Currently, BePure® standard materials have been launched in multiple fields such as food, environment, clinical, pharmaceuticals, health products, cosmetics, and industrial products. As of 2023, more than 300 products have obtained GBW(E) secondary standard material numbers, among which over 50 GBW(E) secondary standard material numbers are the only ones in China, filling the gap of domestically certified standard materials. At the same time, flexible customization and the ability to provide 21-day certification for customer demand are the two distinctive services of Manhage.

Manhage has always insisted on basic technology innovation, committed to becoming a global leader in clinical mass spectrometry and biopharmaceutical isotopes, and building China's core raw materials for the medical and health industry. Through over a decade of continuous innovation in isotope research and development, technological progress, and product accumulation, the company has established a comprehensive system of precise preparation technology research and development, application, and industrialization, independently developing multiple core proprietary technologies. It is one of the few companies in the world that can scale and serialize clinical isotope raw materials. The company can accurately configure the raw material ratio and perform precise and personalized preparation based on the critical application needs of related fields, while providing customers with technical solutions.

Manhage has been deeply involved in the field of standard materials for 23 years, always adhering to the development model of "technology + service" dual-drive, and is committed to becoming a one-stop service provider of standard materials for many testing institutions and production enterprises. "Joining hands with standards, reaching the world," Manhage will unwaveringly promote the path of more accurate and convenient testing in China, and become the leading brand of standard materials that conforms to China's testing habits.

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