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Biolin Scientific

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Biolin Scientific

Major Products:

  • Optical Tensiometers

  • QCM-D Instruments & Sensors

  • Deposition & Characterization of Thin Films

Who Are Biolin Scientific?

Biolin Scientific is a worldwide company making state of the art instruments and smart solutions for scientists. Knowledge is their greatest resource and an essential part of everything they do. In collaboration with leading universities and industries, they solve challenges to simplify the everyday life in the lab. Their customers are the experts in surface science, and they have the tools for them to progress. 

Biolin Scientific at a glance

  • 60 employees globally

  • Direct sales in the UK and China

  • Distributors in more than 70 countries

  • R&D and manufacturing in Sweden and Finland

  • Headquarter in Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Biolin Scientific is a part of the Addlife Group

Biolin Scientific Product Portfolio

  • QSense:  Analytical instruments for characterization of interfaces and molecular interactions

  • Attension: Range of tensiometry equipment for interfacial science and materials development

  • KSV NIMA: Instruments for thin film fabrication and characterization

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