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  • Ultrasonic cleaning

  • Thermoplastic welding

  • Joining equipment

About Crest

Crest Ultrasonics is one of the largest privately-held ultrasonics companies, headquartered in New Jersey. As part of The Crest Group, a global ultrasonic solutions leader, Crest Ultrasonics has substantial innovation expertise. The company offers value to global customers through various services. It provides local equipment access and customized designs. Crest Ultrasonics develops advanced cleaning technologies using patents. Global partnerships satisfy diverse ultrasonic needs.

Crest Ultrasonics' high frequency transducers are engineered for delicate cleaning applications. Transducers transmit sound highly, removing contaminants without damaging parts. The company uniquely offers third harmonic compatibility.

Continued advances result from Crest Ultrasonics' 30+ year engineering history. Major achievements involve groundbreaking transducer patents. Products will address future cleaning challenges as the company grows.

Analysts commend Crest Ultrasonics' global sales experience across proactive support, knowledge and reach. The company assists prospective customers regardless of industry, needs or scale.

As a Crest Group division, Crest Ultrasonics leverages synergies within the vertically integrated corporation. Furnished machines and components benefit from lowered costs and quality improvements.

Through standardized and customized equipment worldwide, replacement parts support, and same-day repairs, no other organization rivals Crest Group's customized ultrasonic production. Crest Ultrasonics' integrated global operations and support represent a compelling value for clients.

In summary, Crest Ultrasonics leads the ultrasonics field through extensive know-how, worldwide networks and customized solutions. Ongoing technological progress introduces innovative cleaning technologies globally.

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