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About Grant

Making your science successful.

Grant’s vision is be a global leader in scientific equipment that contributes to the advancement of science for human good.

Why Grant

At Grant they deliver high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly scientific solutions that empower their customers to make meaningful contributions to research, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.

Gramt’s team are passionate about ensuring the success of their customers by delivering technology built as the highest standards. They thrive on creating solutions for the most difficult challenges presented to us by their customers, knowing that they are contributing to future scientific success is what motivates them. Grant extensive network and deep market understanding enables success every time.

Grant values

At Grant values are core to each and every one of them. They share the same 5 values that are the underpinning of their culture.


They are continually striving for growth, both as individuals and as an organisation


They hold ourselves accountable for their actions, behaviour, and reputation


they embrace a positive mindset and take pride in their work


They aim to achieve a zero net impact on the earth’s resources


They work as one team towards their shared goals

“At Grant, they don't just assemble great equipment. They help their customers do their best science every day. Whether you buy from them directly, or through a distributor, they will give you the same high-quality advice in sales and service. Customer success has been in their DNA since 1951.”

Mark Davison, CEO

Building a sustainable future

Grant is driven in becoming more sustainable in it’s operations, by creating technologies that reduce environmental impact, driving sustainable manufacturing processes and reducing it’s organisational carbon footprint. Working together with their customers Grant can make can make positive environmental impacts.

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