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About Raykol

Raykol Group is a leading professional supplier focusing on R&D, design and manufacture for automated laboratory equipment and solutions in the laboratory automation systems market. And they provide pre-sales product selection guide and after-sales technical supports. RayKol's automted lab systems and products are applied to sample preparation process in the area of food safety, environmental science, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and life science.

With knowledgeable scientists and experienced engineers, their R&D team has developed a variety of innovative instruments and solutions dedicated to the modern analytical laboratories.They are committed to provide ONE stop analytical testing solutions corresponding to user requirements with quality and accuracy, but also contribute to human health together.

Headquartered at Xiamen, Fujian China, RayKol group consists of six subcompanies, three research bases and one research institute. Total over 450 employees and 50 external special experts, and they are still growing.

Roykol Product

RayKol, as one of analytical lab equipment manufacturers, provides a wide range of analytical lab equipment and laboratory apparatus used in analytical chemistry, for sample preparation prior to analytical instruments. All raykol analytical equipment is widely distributed and used in the area of food safety, environment, water quality and agriculture. They are dedicated to provide analytical chemistry equipment with quality and service.

Raykol Integration for Lab Automation

RayKol can do more than just providing automated lab equipment and units, they offer integrated lab solutions to fully automated your workflow in pre-analytic phase. RayKol combines the use of functional modules, lab software, laboratory robotics, sensor and computer to streamline the laboratory workflow, minimize human input. RayKol Intergrated Sample Preparation covers automation for one single steps like liquid dispensing or layer seperation, to fully integrated lab automation for entire processes such as automated QuEChERS extraction, even customized and individualized automated lab solutions.

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