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2060 Process Analyzer

2060 Process Analyzer

Product Advantages

  • Simple and user-friendly menus and functions

  • Flexible software

  • Ethernet TCP/IP Network Communication 

  • Real time titration curves, trend graphs and result databases



Product Details

Product overview: 

The 2060 Process Analyzer enables 24/7 online or atline monitoring of chemical industrial processes, water, wastemwater or other liquids.
It offers different wet chem techniques: titration, Karl Fischer titration, photometry direct measurement and standard additions methods. 
With a single 2060 Process Analyzer, you can perform multiple analyses to monitor several parameters in many sample streams. 


The 2060 Process Analyzer can be configured with up to 4 wet parts in one system to handle the most challenging process applications.
Different  sample preconditioning system, such as cooling or heating, pressure reduction and degassing, filtration, and many more can also be provided.

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