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857-Series Automatic Anaerobic Chamber
  • 857-Series Automatic Anaerobic Chamber

    庫存單位: 857-OTA

    “One-Touch / Go Anaerobic” Glove Box This new Automatic “One Touch” Anaerobic Chamber allows one to simply press the “Go Anaerobic” button to automatically create a strict anaerobic atmosphere. It features a color operated “touch screen” for automatically creating an anaerobic atmosphere.


    • No installation.  
    • No additional accessories required.  
    • < 300 Liters of gas required to achieve a strict anaerobic atmosphere.  


    Product Features

    • One-Touch, “Go Anaerobic” button to initiate purging sequence.
    • One-Touch, on-screen data-logging with USB port for long term studies.
    • Larger touch-screen, display. 24 hour data logging.
    • Automatic pressure hold function. Pressure control maintains user selected pressure levels.
    • Automatic purging cycles for main chamber and transfer chamber.
    • Larger, easy-to-use operator touch screen.
    • Continual display of atmospheric oxygen conditions in percentage (%) and parts-per-million (ppm)
    • Oxygen display automatically switches to ppm when O2 levels is < 0.5%
    • User selectable gas; Nitrogen or Anaerobic gas mixture.
    • High and low level alarms with alarm history log.
    • Password protected Administration window.
    • Optional Rh monitoring and control.


    Inside Dimensions:

    41"w x 28"d x 26"h

    1,041mm x 711mm x 660mm h


    Outside Dimensions: (Includes transfer chamber 12" long)

    55"w x 35"d x 38" h

    1,397mm x 889mm x 965mm


    Oxygen Sensor Accuracy (%):

    0-100.0%   ±1.0%


    Oxygen Sensor Accuracy (ppm):

    0-10,000.   ±1.0ppm FS


    Temperature Range:

    ambient to 41.0°C.      Accuracy:  ±0.5°


    Gas Consumption for anaerobic achievement:    300 liters


    Pressure Range:

    -3" WC to +3" WC.    (-1,500 Pa to +1,500 Pa)



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