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DIL L78 RITA QDT Dilatometer

DIL L78 RITA QDT Dilatometer

Product Advantages

  • Up to 2500 c 4000°C/s
  • Tension/deformation forces up to 22/25kN
  • Minimum pause between 2 deformations steps: 60ms
  • Low temperature attachment (-150°C) available



Product Details

The Quenching and Deformation Dilatometer L78 RITA Q/D/T is especially suitable for the determination of deformation parameters in stress and strain experiments as well as for TTT-, CHT- and CCT-diagrams.
The special induction furnace allows very fast heating and cooling at controlled speeds from 2500 up to 4000°C/s.
As a special function, the L78 RITA Q/D/T can provide also various optical detection modes.
All routine (creation of CHT/CCT/TTT diagrams) and demanding applications are solved by the unique Software package which comes with the instrument.
Certainly export functions in ASCII-format as well as graphic output is possible.
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