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Eddy Jet 2 - Spiral plater

Eddy Jet 2 - Spiral plater

Product Advantages

  • Sterility: microsyringe technology allows for genuine sampling sterility. No disinfectant carryover.
  • Simplicity: Get trained in less than 5 minutes
  • Fully Validated: Spiral plating is a fully validated Microbiological method, see: ISO 7218/ AOAC 977.27/ FDA (BAM Ch.3).
  • Connectivity: barcode reader , printer, USB and Ethernet connections allowed



Product Details

Eddy Jet 2 reduces cost per test, hands on time, and consumable use during bacterial enumeration while increasing a microbiology lab’s productivity.


This cutting edge spiral plater automates, standardizes and streamlines plate inoculations with its patented cross-contamination free technology. Microsyringes confer the system unique, unmatched advantages that make it a bestseller. The user interface is very intuitive and there are no setup times.

Although Eddy Jet 2 is mostly used by food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical labs, any microbiology lab can largely benefit from its use. This instrument will generate a threefold dilution concentration gradient in a single plate, allowing labs to skip serial dilutions and most plating. Each sample is processed with a brand new sterile microsyringe, making sample handling a cross contamination free process.

Other than bacterial enumeration, antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) and mutagenicity test applications are also available.


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