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ELEMENTRAC ONH-p Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Analyzers

ELEMENTRAC ONH-p Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Analyzers

Product Advantages

  • Intra-spectral range of over 6 orders of magnitude
  • Fiber-coupled to upright or inverted microscope possible
  • Extended NIR range up to 1650nm possible
  • DeltaTime TCSPC accessory option available for lifetime measurement
  • Automate repetitive experiments with a built-in batch mode



Product Details

Product overview:

The ELEMENTRAC ONH series is used to analyze oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen concentrations in inorganic sample materials reliably, accurately and safely by inert gas fusion in an impulse furnace with temperature in excess of 3000°C. The sample port system ensures complete purging of the sample from atmospheric gases as well as its safe and loss-free transport to the graphite crucible. Thanks to closed gas system, the gas consumption is greatly reduced while maintaining high detection sensitivity.
The ELEMENTRAC ONH series is characterized by a wealth of innovative details. All chemicals are situated at the front of the analyzers to allow for easy exchanging.


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