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FL 8500 Fluorescence Spectrometer

FL 8500 Fluorescence Spectrometer

Product Advantages

  •  Continuous wave excitation
  •  Scan speed up to 60,000 nm/min
  • Small footprint that occupies 66cm of bench space, freeing up room in your lab
  • User friendly interface with step-by-step instructions that guide you through your sample run


Product Details

FL 8500 fluorescence spectrometer features continuous wave excitation. It allows high-sensitivity measurements at scan speeds of up to 60,000 nm/min. FL 8500s innovative technology is made for material characterization; analysis of LEDs, solar cells, organic electroluminescent materials; agricultural and environmental analysis.


Plug-n-play auto-recognized accessories enable user to analyze a wide array of  sample types and conditions. Numerous preset methods aid users to move between variety of method types.


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