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Hirschmann ceramus® dispenser
  • Hirschmann ceramus® dispenser

    Product Advantages

    • Piston made of high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic

    • For fixed and variable volumes, from 0.2 mL to 60 mL

    • The complete unit can be steam sterilised at 121° C without dismantling

    • Free rotation

    • Media recirculating system for simple and rapid venting without reagent loss

    • User-independent, reproducible volume dispensing

    • Digital volume configuration engagement, calibrated for a lifetime

    • Robust ejection unit

    • Threaded suction hose fitting

    • Optimum chemical and thermal resistance of parts conveying medium



    Product Details


    A dispenser with a reagent recirculation system for manual dispensing directly from the reagent bottle. Available in six different volumes.


    Uncompromising reliability - years of experience gained by Hirschmann in liquid handling are reflected in the perfection embodied in ceramus® and absolute attention to detail. The graduation gauge and digital volume configuration engagement guarantee consistent precision and volume dispensing and ensure reproducible results – absolutely independent of the user. The dispensing piston made of high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic and the DURAN® glass cylinder guarantee a maximum level of chemical and thermal resistance. The high-quality materials in all parts conveying medium enable use within a temperature range from 4° C to 50° C. The complete unit can be steam sterilised at 121° C without dismantling. 


    A special HF version designed for dispensing very aggressive media is also available. The piston and cylinder are made of high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic, the valve seats and balls are ceramic and valve springs are made of platinum / iridium.

    9312000dispenser - ceramus® 0,2 - 1,0 ml
    9322000dispenser - ceramus® 0,4 - 2,0 ml
    9332000dispenser - ceramus® 1- 5 ml
    9342000dispenser - ceramus® 2 - 10 ml
    9352000dispenser - ceramus® 5 - 30 ml
    9362000dispenser - ceramus® 10 - 60 ml


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