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Specac Atlas® Power Press

Specac Atlas® Power Press

Product Advantages

  • Power assisted
  • Microprocessor controlled pressure application and release
  • Large working distance
  • LCD display


Product Details

Atlas® Power Presses have power-assisted hydraulics for ease-of-use and, with a small footprint, ergonomic design and low noise characteristics, they are appropriate for a range of applications in both modern laboratories and heavy industrial environments. They are ideal for preparing KBr or XRF  pellets.


The presses enable the controlled application and release of applied load and can accommodate large samples up to 200mm in diameter. The LCD display shows press status and load conditions giving a digital display of load app

8, 15 and 25 Tons load configurations are available.


The presses are fully compatible with Specac Pellet Die assemblies and other Specac Sample Preparation accessories and ideally suited for XRF and FTIR pelletizing applications in atomic and molecular spectroscopy.

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