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Specac Mini-Pellet Press

Specac Mini-Pellet Press

Product Advantages

  • Cost Effective
  • Handheld
  • 7mm Pellet Preparation
  • Sealed Hydraulic


Product Details

Specac Mini-Pellet Press is a handheld and cost effective press for the preparation of 7mm KBr pellets for transmission FTIR analysis.The press enables the user to create consistently high quality KBr pellets for transmission FT-IR analysis.
Incorporating full hydraulic operation, the Mini-Pellet Press enables the user to apply the required load for sample preparation through the simple rotation of a load knob. An integrated pressure gauge enables the user to apply a reproducible load resulting in high quality KBr pellets suitable for quantitative studies. With a rugged and durable design and an innovative sealed hydraulic unit, the press is intended for daily laboratory use with maintenance free operation.

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