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STA 6000 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

STA 6000 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

Product Advantages

  • Gives both DSC and TGA results
  • Patented SaTurnA sensor
  • Built-in mass flow controller
  • Quick oxidizing furnace clean
  • Optional 45-position autosampler


Product Details

Product overview:

STA 6000 offers you simultaneous measurement and analysis of weight change and heat flow for characterization of pharmaceutical tablets, chemicals or polymers. By combining flexible differential temperature analysis (DTA or DSC) with proven thermogravimetry (TG) technology, the STA 6000 enables you to generate accurate and reliable results while simplifying data interpretation.
The advanced SaTurnA sensor, designed with the reference ring directly below the sample pan holder, is optimized to achieve flat DTA baselines and high sensitivity.The STA 6000 with its built-in mass flow controller enables you to program a fast purge-out of residual oxygen or a quick oxidizing furnace clean at the end of the run, as required for good laboratory practice (GLP).


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