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Universal Plus Chemical Absorbent Pad and Spill Kit
  • Universal Plus Chemical Absorbent Pad and Spill Kit

    Product Advantages

    • SPC® Portable Spill Kits
    • Universal Plus Chemical Absorbent Pad



    Product Details
    SPC® Portable Spill Kits from Brady® combine absorbents, accessories, PPE and instructions in a space-saving container so you are prepared when a spill occurs.

    • Yellow PVC Bag offers high visibility spill control storage so items can be quickly located in an emergency situation
    • Improve worker productivity and efficiency by placing spill kits around your facility close to areas prone to spills
    • Portable spill kits are ideal for fast spill response


    Universal Plus products are chemically inert and green in color (the universal symbol for safety) to indicate that they're intended for use with hazardous materials.

    • Surfactant-treated, brightly colored absorbent picks up a wide range of aggressive chemicals while remaining chemically inert
    • Medium weight - optimal for most general maintenance needs
    • Universal Plus products feature 3-ply construction increasing durability while reducing lint
    • Bright Color: Warns of presence of chemicals for proper disposal

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