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Major Products:

  • Volumetric Instruments

  • General Lab Products

  • Pipetting Robots

About Brand

BRAND is the Liquid Handling Company that marks the beginning of the development and gives their medium-sized group its name. For over 70 years, BRAND has been a trusted partner and reference in the laboratory. They are one of the world leaders in Liquid Handling and Life Science products. Approximately 500 employees develop and produce their products at their Wertheim location. Their claim "simple, easy, and efficient" represents their aspiration to make laboratory work simple, uncomplicated, and efficient with innovative products and perfect quality. Their customers are researchers and employees in the laboratories of the biosciences, pharmacy, chemistry, and process analytics.

The Brand Group, consisting of the companies BRAND, VACUUBRAND, and VITLAB and around 1,000 employees worldwide, develops, produces, and distributes high-quality and innovative laboratory equipment, vacuum pumps, and systems. BRAND INTERNATIONAL is the Shared Service Company of the Brand Group for the areas of personnel and law, IT, finance, controlling, and procurement.

Brand Product 

  • Liquid Handling

  • Life Science Consumables

  • Pipetting Robots

  • Volumetric Instruments

  • General Lab Products

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