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Country of Origin:

Founded Year:

United Kingdom




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Major Product:

  • Stirrer Bar

  • Stirring Rod

  • PTEF Tubing and Connector

About Cowie

Cowie was formed in 1965 by George Cowie, a college lecturer in physical chemistry, mainly to produce laboratory glassware. As a result of a research program in high pressure chemical kinetics interest switched to PTFE (Teflon®) because of its exceptional chemical resistance, and led to the design and production of a variety of chemistry laboratory items including patented joint sleeves. From the outset there was always an enthusiasm, not only for innovative products and methods of manufacture, but for exploring the demands for labs in the UK and throughout the world. The interest and support derived from these sources not only provided income, without which the company would not have survived the early days but also stimulation and an opportunity to see the world. As time progressed the marketplace changed. Many of the smaller companies who had assisted Cowie in the early days disappeared to be replaced by larger, global operations.

Today a different but non-the-less important relationship prevails with these companies, and companies from countries such as India and China have appeared on the scene to provide not only competition but also new markets.

Using the same principles and practices established in the early days they have continued to grow and focus not only on laboratory products but on new and broader applications for this unique material, this coupled with a fully committed, capable management and workforce enables them to look to the future with confidence.

They remain a privately owned company and operate from a purpose built facility in Middlesbrough, UK with a subsidiary, Cowie Technology Corp. operating out of Delaware, USA.

In order to share the success of the company they support the local community through the Cowie Charity Fund.

Cowie Productline

Cowie Technology are specialists in the design, development and manufacture of Chemical Laboratory Equipment in PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene

They provide a complete range of standard, everyday use products, plus highly specialised custom items all based on the use of pure, compliant PTFE materials and supported by a team of qualified chemists and engineers who also provide technical assistance for PTFE and PTFE products. Industries world-wide are supplied from their facilities in the UK & USA

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