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Procure the Perfect Furniture for Your Laboratory: Ergonomic Chairs and Chemical-Resistant Lab Benches - Thankful Special Sale 2023


16 Jan 2024

Furniture that Enhances Safety & Health of your Laboratory Environment is Now ON SALE!

LabSim Static Laboratory Bench : $9,350

  • 20mm phenolic resin worktop with anti-microbial surface are chemically, scratch and abrasion resistant

  • Work Top edges are polished with no sharp corner

  • 30mm Adjustable levelling feet

  • Loading capacity >100kg

The Core : $1,230

  • Adjustable seat height 610 - 800mm

  • Ergonomic mechanism allowing backrest adjustment, including height, depth and tilt angle

The All-rounder : $450

  • Traditional upholstered vinyl stool, versatile for different situation and purpose

  • Adjustable seat height 600 - 720mm

The Pony : $960

  • Upholstered vinyl saddle design stool allowing sitting with a natural curve

  • Specifically designed to ease back problems & strengthens back muscles

  • Adjustable seat height 510 - 690mm

The Pose : $820

  • Polyurethane back support stool design for lab usage

  • Space saving but do not sacrifice comfort

  • Adjustable seat height 620 - 730mm

If you require a laboratory bench of any other size, please contact us!

To obtain more information, please contact us!

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